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Gala 2016 NBRDust: Style Guide » NBRDust Style Guide #2

Glam Rock Style Guide Entry #2:

Suzi Quarto

Yesterday we started from the beginning of glam rock, but today is especially for the ladies. Just as Glam meant not being afraid of shedding male sexual norms by wearing eyeliner, silk scarfs and platform boots, it meant a similar freeing for women. Suzi Quarto broke the mold of women not fitting into overly feminine tropes and just kicking ass as a rock star. Why couldn’t a woman wear a leather pant suit with a mullet, strap on a bass guitar and rock like any other musician, but look look sexy doing it. Metallic and leather jumpsuits, snakeskin boots, leather chokers and low necklines were all part of her signature look.

Perhaps her songs are not as well known as some of her Glam Rock contemporaries. “Can the Can” and “48 Crash” might have been bigger hits in Europe and Australia. In fact her biggest chart hit didn’t come in the US until well after the glam era with 1979s more adult contemporary duet “Stumblin’ In”. She might even be most well known in the US as Leather Tuscadero, a reoccurring musician character on Happy Days, who pretty much was a TV version of her early 70s real live persona. But that doesn’t mean Suzi Quarto didn’t have a big effect on music. She was a trailblazer who broke a barrier in rock with the release of her 1973 self-titled album. She most directly inspired Joan Jett and her fellow members of the Runaways (Lita Ford, Cherie Currie and Micki Steel of the Bangles), who themselves basically paved the way for female bands since then. (can the can) (48 crash)



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