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Gala 2016 NBRDust: Style Guide » NBRDust Style Guide #4

Glam Rock style guide entry #4

Glam in the U.S.A-

Glam rock hit America around the same time as the UK, but with a different twist.

The New York Dolls predated the glam movement but their androgynous stage wardrobe fit the bill. Sporting satin scarfs, high heels and big hair. The Dolls, along with the Velvet Underground and the Stooges are usually considered the the first bands of the punk scene.

Lou Reed of the Velvet Underground and Iggy Pop of the Stooges are generally associated with glam via their connection to David Bowie. Including the Bowie produced “transformer” for reed and “raw power” and “lust for life” for Iggy. Iggy was never really known for wearing a shirt but gold pants and eyeliner were a staple. Lou stuck more with leather jackets but also wasn’t afraid of eye liner, nail polish or leather collars.

Bowie’s American wife during the glam era, Angie Bowie was often outshined by her husbands flashier outfits, but she had a style all her own. Check out her photos dressed up as Marvels Black Widow from the 70s.

Bands like Alice Cooper (before it became the name of its lead singer too) were no strangers to the trappings of glam. Sequent shirts, top hats and face paint started off more glamorous before evolving into more of shock rock.

KISS maybe more musically inspired by the arena rock sound of Gary Glitter than Bowie, but their look owes everything to glam.

Also if theres not a hair metal band around that doesn’t owe its lineage to something in glam.

Glam made it into Hollywood films of the time too. Brian DePalma’s “Phantom of the Paradise” is a glam rock twist on phantom of the opera. But it’s “Rocky Horror Picture Show” that’s really a lasting ode to glam. A movie about gender bending, rock and roll and aliens is 100% glam. And just think how classes Columbia and the folks who do the time warp are dressed.


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One last video from the flamboyant Jobriath who may not have broken it as big but was not only rocks first out star, he also sported this insane outfit that’s a little hard to show in just a photo. Watch the video

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