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Sunday Long Road Run

Sunday Funday Runday – Marathon geared long training runs

Time: * 8:00 am (Summer 7:00 am)
Distance: * 12 – 22 miles
Pace: OPEN to all (sub 7 to 10+ min/miles)
Effort: Comfortable to Comfortably Hard (your choice)
Led by: Alex W, Ben S, Jenn H, Jessica B, and Josh F
Meet: Northside of McCarren Park Track

* Note: Start time, distances, paces, meeting places,  and routes will vary.  Please stay tuned to the Google Group for weekly details (runs are usually posted on Friday afternoon).


Former leader Javier.  Current leaders Alex, Jen, and Jessica.  Ben & Josh were on Daddy Duty.


The Fun Runs are geared for those training for the current season Marathon (Boston in the Spring, New York int the Fall). You don’t have to be training for a Marathon to join in and most route have options to shorten the run or add distance to fit your training plan.

Runners of all paces are welcome and encouraged to join, runs will have a variety of paces and runners are encouraged to post their pace on the Google group so others know they will have someone else to run with. Routes and distance will vary weekly. Please stay tuned to the Google Group for weekly details, usually posted on Friday of that week. Runners are encouraged to bring water bottles, arm wallets or pouches with ID, insurance, Metro-card, spare cash, etc. in order to be equipped for the long journeys that await us.

Some of our favorite routes:

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