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Thursday PM Track workout

Thursday PM Track Workout Details:

Time: 7:30pm  (a few laps warming up is recommended)
Distance: Variable – workouts posted the day before on NBR Google Group
Pace: Open to all, i.e. individualized to your pace
Effort: Comfortably Hard to Difficult
Led by: Ken, Jose, & Logan
Meet: Staring line at McCarren Park Track

We structure each weekly workout to get you in shape for the next club points race and most major fall/spring marathons”


Logan, Super, Ken, & Jose

Demanding in these workouts will be the dictated pace of each rep and the recovery times between. The generalized concept behind these workouts is to build up a tolerance of running at faster speeds than what you are usually running during your other daily runs, (There is actually a science to it, i am learning, where you are building up your body’s lactic threshold which allows you to run harder with less fatigue…basically, your body learns to run more efficiently, which will help you regardless of what type of runner you are. Sounds like a pretty good deal.)

All paces are encouraged to come out.  Goal times can always be discussed before each workout, but if you are curious as to your pace per workout, check out this calculator to look up your “SPEED WORKOUTS” pace.

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