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Tuesday PM Tempo/Fartlek/Hills/Plyometrics

Tuesday Night Tempo Details:

Time: 7:30pm
Distance: 4-6 miles (includes 1 mile warm-up/cool-down)
Pace: Open (not recommended for beginners–see description)
Effort: Comfortably Hard to Difficult (your choice, varies from week to week)
Led by: Sean L., Anne B., Michael S., and Andrew D.
Meet: Northside of McCarren Park Track
Sean L., Anne B., Michael S., and Andrew D.

Clockwise Leaders: Andrew D., Anne B., Sean L., and Michael S.

Tuesday tempo runs are announced each week on the Google Group.

What is a tempo run? “A tempo run is a faster-paced workout also known as a lactate-threshold, LT, or threshold run. Tempo pace is often described as ‘comfortably hard.’ Tempo running improves a crucial physiological variable for running success: our metabolic fitness.” – Runner’s World

Tuesday nights are all about fun, variety, and hard work: pushing ourselves beyond our comfort zone to increase speed over longer intervals. We do fartleks around McCarren Park, mile repeats on Kent Ave (lovingly called the Speedway), hill workouts on the Williamsburg Bridge, social relays, along with tempo and progression runs. A lot of our workouts are chosen to prepare for upcoming NYRR club points races. After we finish the workouts, Sean leads a core workout for everybody. Check out the Google Group to see what the workout will be!

Although we don’t recommend TNT for beginners, you certainly don’t need to be a “fast” runner. You should be able to run 5-6 miles comfortably and have a rough idea of what paces you’re capable of. (Checkout to see your theoretical 10k, Half Marathon, etc. pace.) Our warm-up and cool-down jogs are usually done at 8:30-9:30 minutes/mile. Tuesday Nights are great for runners who want to get faster in a fun, low-key, supportive atmosphere.

Some sample workouts:

  • Classic Tempo Run along the Kent Ave Speedway
  • First Tuesday of the Month Hill Intervals
  • Fartlek Runs around McCarren Park
  • The Caterpillar aka “The Snake” aka “The Slinky”: OoOOoOO what could this mean?
  • Progression Run on the track or Kent Ave
  • The Ice Cream Sandwich: Sounds delicious …for your legs!
  • The RSC: 
    • Post workout/core
    • Cool down jog/walk to Roebling Sporting Club on N 8th & Roebling
    • Order the taco/Tecate special
    • Imbibe/eat
    • Repeat if necessary


Any questions? (Such as: Do I need to be a member or sign up somewhere to be able to join in on the runs?)  Please see the NBR FAQs page.

Any Questions about this run?  Email us

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