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NBR regularly hosts events for members and friends– from picnics and bar crawls to training clinics and discussions. We also are committed to our community and volunteer on a regular basis, both at races and locally in the neighborhood. We’ve participated in Williamsburg Walks, It’s My Park Day, and more! Occasionally, we have meetings too, to discuss big events and projects, and voice needs and concerns.

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May 2016

Brooklyn Half Beach Party

bklyhalfparty2016Saturday, May 21, 2016
Right after the Brooklyn Half.

Coney Island Beach

The best little DIY Team Picnic all Summer!

Brooklyn Half is a teams points race, but traditionally, we prefer to celebrate in the open air on the beach at Coney Island (I mean, you spent the morning running there right? so why not enjoy it?)

It takes a team to make a Team Beach Party happen, so please lend a hand and sign up here. We’ll need help collecting food, drinks, blankets, etc for the beach, as well as kind souls to volunteer to drive supplies down to the beach and help set up. 2/3 of your Social Crew will be out of town, and the other 1/3 will be using this party as reason to run harder to get to the beach even faster!  More details to come soon, but please SIGN UP.

RSVP on the Facebook Event.

November 2016

NYC Marathon Fluid Station Team Volunteer

Sunday, November 6, 2016
7:00 AM – 2:30/3:00pm
Mile 11 & Mile 12

NYCFluid2016With the fumes of the Boston Marathon still swirling around our heads watching all our teammates slog through the hot n sweaty 26.2 up there yesterday, our sights turn to a much cooler (temperature-wise) marathon held each November on the first Sunday of the month. On this sacred day, all of NBR crowds Bedford avenue donning our greenest of ponchos to provide water, gatorade and a WHOLE LOTTA CHEER to all the marathoners who traverse the course.

Will this be your first or your umpteenth year to volunteer? No mattah- WE WANT YOU!

Here’s the quick n’ dirty:

  1. This year there WILL BE TOTE BAGS!!!! You heard me! No over-sized t-shirts or beanie hats that don’t fit quite right. NYRR is going the way of the NPR Tote bag and wants you to pack yer groceries, books, laptop in a shiny beige tote for the years to come. (Don’t have a pic yet, but forthcoming)
  2. See the PDF attached for details on HOW to register with the group. It’s very important that you select MILE 12 NORTH BROOKLYN RUNNERS

More Events to be listed soon…

If you have any ideas and/or want to help organize any events, please email!

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