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If you don’t look good, we don’t look good!

New Gear Pickup Policy: (effective immediately) All gear orders must be picked up within 90 days of purchase. If you are unable to pick up during this period, please pay for shipping and we will gladly ship your order to you. After 90 days, the items will be returned to inventory. Please keep in mind that we cannot offer a refund after 30 days of purchase.

We are storing items that are over a year old. We will make sure that these orders make it to their rightful owners, but we will keep items moving or let someone else have them.

Spring 2016 Gear Pre-Order

We have your Spring-Summer essentials ready for pre-order! We have singlets, shorts, your new NBR cotton T in Imperial Purple, and a few other things. Make sure to visit all the categories on the gear site by clicking the tabs on the left.

Pre-Order is the best way to order your gear! We only order a few extras in the sizes and styles that sell the most. You have 1 week to pre-order!

Pre-Order Ends Noon on April 1st! Don’t be a fool and miss out! (sorry)

Shop here:

Any orders from today on will be considered a pre-order which means it will take about 6-8 weeks after the pre-order ends for you to get your gear.

A few of you have asked for short-sleeves which we usually carry but unfortunately they are out of stock at this time.

Happy Shopping
-Gear Masters

Women’s Running Crop Top Pre-order

We’re testing a new gear item for women, which is a running crop top, like the pros use. Apparently, they are harder to come by than one would imagine.


Our vendor has a very limited number that will be available in February, but we need to give them our quantities by the end of this week, which means that we have to do a flash pre-order. The crop top will be available for pre-order only until 11:59pm on Sunday January 10th, 2016. We are placing the next day. They said that they will not have these available next season.

If you like to run in a sports bra during races and would like to upgrade to something that has room for your race bib (instead of your shorts), this might be the thing you’re missing. Now get to that new year’s resolution and start doing core already.

NBR Special Winter Gear Pre-order!

Pre-orders extended!!!

Pre-Orders are now available until midnight on Sunday, December 6th, 2015.

We hope you’ve been having a really nice long break with family and friends. In case you didn’t have time to check your emails and didn’t know that we have awesome winter gear available for pre-order, we decided to extend the sale by one whole week.

We have thermal jackets for women and men and we have super awesome custom knit pom-pom beanies! Next time you’re warming up for a cold race, you can do it in NBR colors.

Pre-order here:


You heard that right, NBR! We have a few very special items coming to keep you warm this winter.

We have thermal jackets for women and men and we have super awesome custom knit pom-pom beanies! Next time you’re warming up for a cold race, you can do it in NBR colors.

Pre-order here:

Winter gear will arrive mid-January.

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Please note that we will not be ordering extras in the jackets, so if you want one, this is your chance to get it. They are reasonably priced and are definitely a great tech layer to have for the colder training season.

Gear Shop:

Gear Masters

NBR NYC Marathon 2015 Limited Edition Singlets pre-order ’til Sept 27th, 2015 Only!

Pre-Orders are available until midnight on Sunday, September 27th, 2015.

It’s that time of year again! Only 6 weeks left to the NYC Marathon! Back by popular demand we have the limited edition NBR NYC 2015 Marathon Singlet available for pre-order.

You have until Sept 27th to place your pre-order. These are limited edition singlets and we will not order extras. Your only opportunity to order these singlets is through the pre-order.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Please make sure to order yours by Sunday 9/27/2015 so we have enough time to print these before the big day!

Pre-order here:

Go team!

Gear Shop:

Fall 2015 Gear Pre-Order Starts Now!

Pre-Orders are available until midnight on Tuesday, September 8th, 2015.

Gear Shop:

womens-running-tank-2-Black-white-front_2_3783bf65-e3d6-4bfb-8e2f-a06ae31bbdf1_1024x1024We are ready to take your pre-orders for Fall. This season we have a very special collaboration with Only Atoms! Only Atoms, made right here in NYC, belongs to our very own Beth Weinstein. This is a limited edition collection with a limited number of singlets so grab one before they are gone.

AA_Mens_HeatherGreenPre-Orders will close on Tuesday September 8th. We are reintroducing pre-order pricing, prices will rise for any extras. We also don’t guarantee any sizes or styles will have extras so order now.

Your pre-order should be ready in about 4-5 weeks. We will send out emails when your gear is ready. Gear pick ups will probably be on Thursday night or Saturday morning, if these times don’t work for you sign up for shipping.

Want more information on Only Atoms? Check out their website.

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Shop here:

Gear Masters

Spring 2015 Gear Pre-Order Is On!

Pre-Orders are available until midnight on Saturday, March 28th, 2015

Gear Shop:

2001_aquaSpring Gear pre-order is here! You have until Saturday March 28th to pre-order your gear. Pre-Ordering is the best way to order your gear and make sure you get what you want. We only order limited quantities of extras in selected styles which we base on sales from the pre-order. Your Spring Gear should arrive in late April.

When your gear arrives you will be notified on pick up dates or you can select shipping for $6.

A few items on the gear site have limited availability so it may be replaced by a similar item. We give preference to those orders that are placed first so shop now! We will notify if we need to replace an item.

Happy Shopping!

Shop here:

Gear Masters

The 2015 NBR Calendar – Pre-Order Starts Now!

Pre-Orders are available until midnight on Monday, December 15th, 2014.

Gear Shop:

Need a holiday gift idea? How about the 2015 NBR Calendar?

Enjoy month after month of your favorite NBR runners along with useful info such as NYRR races and major marathons.

Head over to the gear shop to order your copy in time for holiday delivery! Pre-sale ends 12/15/2014 and then its available as long as supplies last.

Get yours now! Raymund did!


Gear Shop:

Fall 2014 Gear Pre-Order Starts Today!

Pre-Orders are available until midnight on Monday, October 6th, 2014.

Gear Shop:


It is that time of year again Fall Pre-Order! Pre-Order is the best time to stock up on all your NBR gear! You have one week to shop! Pre-Order ends on Monday October 6th at the stroke of midnight! We will keep reminding you but you should shop now!

Why? During Pre-Order we have the largest assortment of sizes, colors and styles. We have two big pre-orders during the year fall and spring. We also use pre-order sales to determine what extras to order. We will add extras on to the gear site after we have received the gear and handed out pre-orders so it will take a while before you are able to buy the new gear. Don’t count on extras shop now and get first dibs.

NYCMSinglet2014MWe also have for you the 2014 NYC Marathon Special Edition Singlet! Designed by our own Michael Stermer “It’s a skyline made up of tall landmarks from the boroughs in order of the race. So we start with Fort Wadsworth for SI, the Williamsburgh Savings Bank for Brooklyn, the Citibank Building for Queens, into Manhattan for the Chrysler building, Tracey Towers (the tallest buildings in the bronx), and back into Manhattan ending with the Empire State Building”

Also check out our Fall Gear on Pre-Order. All available until Midnight Monday Oct. 6th! Remember to click through the categories on the lefthand side of the NBR Gear Shop homepage.

When will I get my stuff? After pre-order has ended it will take about four weeks to get you your gear. We will send out emails to the team to announce pick-up dates or you can choose to have it shipped.

Check out the color of the season and new items! We added a few baby items for those 2014 babies, kids stuff and also a new Asics Rival singlet in addition to our Nike Miler.

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Remember to check out all the product categories listed to your left of the homepage.

Shop here:

Gear Masters

NBR Chicago Marathon 2014 Limited Edition Singlets pre-order. This week only! (9/12/2014)

NBR marathoners,

You’ve been training all Summer. Chicago Marathon is only a few weeks away and we want you to show what Brooklyn is made of! Specifically while sporting a Limited Edition NBR Chicago Marathon Singlet designed by NBR’s own John Riccardi!


The pre-order is now open. Please make sure to order yours by Friday 9/12/2014 so we have enough time to print these before the big day!

Pre-order here:

Go team!

Gear Shop:

Pre-ordered Spring Gear has Arrived

GearPickUPSpring2014Hi NBR,

Your pre-ordered Spring Gear has finally arrived just in time for the Track Meet. (You would of had it last week but UPS SUCKS) Your first pick-up opportunity will be this Friday at the Track Meet 6:30-8:30 p.m. Sign up here for pick-up.

A few items we are still waiting on: all shorts and women’s tanks xs and small. Those will be available early next week. We will email you to let you know for sure.

Our gear shop will be updated next week for extras. We will send out an email letting you know when the gear site is ready and updated.

If you requested shipping we will ship it out to you and you should receive it sometime next week.

Thank You!

Gear Shop:

Doves & Owls T-shirts have arrived!

If you pre-ordered a dove or owl t-shirt they have finally arrived! Your first pick up opportunity is this Thursday at the track  7:30- 8:00 (also bib pick up).  Then on Saturday post-race by the Bandshell. If you requested shipping we will ship it out to you.

Please sign up for pick up. Here.

Spring Gear Pre-Order Starts Now!

Pre-Orders are available until midnight on Saturday, March 29, 2014.

Gear Shop:


Gear Shop:

It’s Spring! Kick off your spring training with some fresh new gear! Pre-order starts today and will continue through Saturday March 29th.

Check out our special edition spring color, red! We also have a 5 year Anniversary edition t-shirt!

Quantities on certain items are limited so don’t wait till last minute or count on extras order now!

Please make sure to check out all items by clicking the categories section to your left on the homepage.

Gear Masters

Gear Shop:

Exciting news from Gear headquarters!

NBR_SS14_NikeMiler_MS_BlkSinglets have arrived hooray! If you have placed and order now is the time to sign up for pick up. First pick up will be this Monday at the Alligator Lounge 8pm-8:30pm. Why the Alligator Lounge? That is where you should be to volunteer for the gala! Gear pick-up sign up here.

Extra singlets have been added to the gear site so get them fast. Limited quantities are available. Make sure to check out all our gear by clicking the categories on the left hand side. Order here. The shop has been updated with extras.


Gear Shop:

Doves and Owls t-shirts are now available for pre-order!

The greatest NBR rivalry of all time continues! Help your favorite bird win!

Gear Shop:

OwlDovesShirtsPre-Order now through Wednesday February 19th, 2014

Gear Shop:

NBR Singlet Pre-order!

Pre-Orders are available until midnight on Wednesday, January 15th, 2014.

Gear Shop:

Your Singlet Pre-Order is here! New Nike Miler II singlets are now available for pre-order. This pre-order is for singlets only, but you are also welcome to check out other gear that we have available in the store.

  • You have until Midnight Wednesday January 15th to place your singlet order.
  • Your order will be ready early February.
  • We will announce pick-up dates when we have the gear on hand.

Gear Shop:


Happy shopping!

Gear Masters

Gear has Arrived – Sign-up for Pick-Up


Your gear has arrived just in time for the chilly weather!

Your first opportunity for pick up will be this Tuesday. Please add your name to the spreadsheet. We will not bring your gear if your name is not on the spreadsheet.

Location is subject to slight changes due to weather. If your name is on the spreadsheet we will notify you where we are. It will be close to the track.

If you have selected shipping your gear will be shipped out this week.

If you think you will not be able to make it to any of the pick up dates on the spreadsheet and would like your items mailed please visit the gear site, select “oops forgot to pick up” add it to your cart and add $6 shipping at checkout.

We have also updated the shop with extras.

Fall 2013 Gear Pre-Order Starts Now!

Pre-Orders are available until midnight on Friday, October 25th, 2013.

Baseball-WhiteGear Shop:

Your Fall Pre-Order is here! We have short-sleeves, long-sleeves, shorts, our Special Edition American Apparel Fall 2013 t-shirt, and so much more!

  • We will not have singlets in this pre-order because Nike is working on a new version of our team miler singlet which will be available in December. We will have a singlet order at that time.
  • You have until Midnight Friday October 25th to place your order. Your order will be ready mid-November. We will announce pick-up dates when we have the gear on hand.
  • We will order a very limited number of extras of selected styles so if you like something order it during the pre-order.

Gear Shop:

Happy shopping!

Gear Masters

NYC Marathon 2013 Singlets are here!

Well, they aren’t without some issues, but at least they’re here and it’s the right bridge.


Pick up opportunities:

If you can’t make any of these times, please email us directly here.

If you paid for shipping, they will be mailed by Tuesday 2013-10-22.

NYC Marathon 2013 Team Singlets are now available for PreOrder

We will be taking orders until midnight on Monday, September 23rd, 2013.

We will not be ordering any extras so make sure you order now.

Gear Shop:


The singlets should be ready in October. We will keep you posted.

Thank You to our busy bee Michael Stermer for designing the logo. Make sure you tell him what a phenomenal job he did next time you see him.

There will be a preorder for regular NBR items (including winter/fall gear) at a later date. Soon!

Please see the categories on the left side of the shop for regular NBR Team Gear in stock.

Gear Shop:

Gear Masters

If you have any questions, please email the Gear Team directly: gear at

We Ordered More Gear!


Get it: here

This is not a pre-order. Supplies are limited.

  • Singlets and hats will arrive in approximately 2 weeks.
  • Once the gear has arrived, we will be updating the Summer Pick-up Sheet with dates/locations.
  • Please bookmark and check the sign-up sheet for times before querying the group.
  • If you want your gear mailed to you, please choose the shipping option at check-out.

Sign-up Sheet: here

Happy first day of Summer!

your Gear squad

Hooray! Gear shop is ReOpen.

Online Shop:


We have limited quantities, so get them before they are gone.

We will have another gear pick-up before the Brooklyn Half. Check the spreadsheet for dates and to sign-up.

Sign-up Spreadsheet here.

We are also introducing a new item: “I-Forgot-To-Pick-Up“! The new item “I-Forgot-To-Pick-Up” has a retail value of $0, (what a bargain!) but YOU MUST choose shipping at check-out. This will add the $6 in shipping and handling fees.

Gear Shop:

That’s all for now. your Gear squad

Gear’s Here

Heads up: Gear’s here and coming at you!


But not as fast as this baton… Some of the stuff will be a little delayed… But what we have, we know you want, and we want to give it to you!

Go here to see what’s ready for pick-up and to sign-up for one of the pick-up times.

The first pick-up opportunity will be the NBR Town Hall Meeting on Monday April 29, 2013, so make sure you check the spreadsheet before then!

You must sign up by 5 PM the day of for an evening pick up and by 6 AM the day of for a morning pick up. If you do not sign up, your gear will not be at the pick-up.

If you paid for shipping, we will ship your order once it is complete.

We will update the spreadsheet as the gear arrives.

We have ordered a few extra items and those will be available online when all the gear has arrived and we reopen the shop. Soon! We will send out another post when the shop is reopen.

-Gear squad

Thank you shopping with us! The Gear Shop is temporarily closed.

AA-Tshirt-SunshineThe Gear Shop is temporarily closed as we finalize your Spring orders. If you were too busy rooting through trash for Easter eggs and missed the deadline like this sad bunny, never fear, we will be ordering a small amount of extra stock and will reopen the store once the gear has arrived.






Keep an eye on this space to find out when the gear is in and ready for pick-up.

❤ your gear team.

The Gear Shop is OPEN!

Pre-Orders are available until midnight on Sunday, March 31, 2013.

Gear Shop:

Order your gear now and maybe you can win “most bodacious” bod” of 2013.


Gear Shop:

  • We will be placing the order with our suppliers during the first week of April after the pre-order closes.
  • Once the gear arrives (mid-end of April) we will be arranging Pick-Up times.
  • If you did not pay for shipping during check-out, you must pick up your gear at the pick-up times.

Fine Print:

  1. These are Pre-Order prices. We will try to purchase extra gear to stock the shop year round, but the price may increase slightly. Order now!
  2. Our suppliers are fully stocked right now, but in two weeks time, some items may have limited quantities. We will honor orders in the order they were placed. In the unlikely event that stock runs out when we finalize the order, we will contact you with a suitable replacement. (eg Nike, Asics, or Brooks versions)
  3. Please check the “categories” menu on the left for more options.
  4. Be easy on us. This is our first time and we’re volunteers.

Go Team!

Gear Masters

Gear Shop:

Gear Pop-Up Sale at the New Member Coffee!

NBRShirt_FrontWLate-breaking update: We’re going to do a gear pop-up sale Saturday, January 26th at the New Member Coffee! We have a limited amount of stuff as we head towards the spring order, but with new runners joining us, we thought you guys might want to pick up some swag.

January 26, 2013, Saturday
10 AM – 12 PM

McCarren Park Recreation Center
776 Lorimer Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222

What we will have (in very limited quantities):

  • – Women’s racing singlets
  • – Nike sports bras
  • – Men’s American Apparel tees
  • – Unisex American Apparel hoodies
  • + some other odds and ends

If you have a question about whether or not a specific piece of gear is available, please email to inquire. We don’t want tears or temper tantrums this time, folks. (I kid. Mostly.)

Please bring cash or download the Paypal app onto your phone.

-Gear Masters 2.0

Gear Pick-Up & Pop Up Shop

NBR_Asics-Unisex-BeanieThe beanies have arrived and your gear orders are ready for pick up!

Gear Pick Up Schedule:

  1. Jan. 03 THURSDAY 7:30pm-8:15pm @ the track during the track workout.
  2. Jan. 05 SATURDAY 10:00am-11:00am @ the soon to be announced coffee meeting spot after the bridge run.

There will also be a Pop-Up Shop! on Saturday after the bridge run:

  • Acceptable forms of payment will be Cash (Cold/Hard) or via Paypal through your smartphone’s Paypal App (which we will assist you with).
  • You also still have time to order gear online and pick it up at one of these two dates.
  • Visit our gear website for all our current in stock gear options.

You must email us at to let us know which date you would like to pick up your gear or if you would like to have it mailed.

Happy New Year from Your Gear Masters!

Act Now: End of Year Gear Close-Out and…BEANIES!

NBR_Asics-Unisex-BeanieThe gear store is now OPEN.

Small quantities of gear remaining from the fall sale. We will be placing another bulk order in the Spring, so if you don’t see your size, please be patient until then.

Gear store here.

HOWEVER, due to overwhelming demand (okay, that may be a little hyperbolic), we are doing a special winter pre-order for NBR fleece beanies! Disclaimer: Please note that availability for the current Asics beanies in small/medium is limited. In the event that the small/medium Asics beanies are sold-out, we will get the Brooks beanies instead (Model: Wanaguni Fleece Hat, Number 280018).

We will be placing the beanie order next week so make sure you get your pre-order in by Monday, Dec 10th. The clock is ticking, so don’t delay.  ALSO, gear will continue to have the $6 shipping fee automatically added, which will be refunded if a hand-off is possible/successful.

Go Team!

Gear is almost ready!

Thanks for being so patient, gear is almost ready to be picked up! Here is the deal:

  • If you pick up your gear during the scheduled times below, the shipping charges will be refunded.
  • To have it shipped you MUST click this link by October 26th Midnight.

Gear Pick Up Schedule:

Gear Pick Up Schedule:

  1. Oct. 30 TUESDAY 4:30pm-6:30pm @ Ken’s Studios 50 South 1st Street  (Btwn Wythe Ave and Kent Ave)
  2. Oct. 31 WEDNESDAY 6:30pm-9:00pm @ Ken’s Studios 50 South 1st Street  (Btwn Wythe Ave and Kent Ave)
  3. Nov. 01 THURSDAY 7:30pm-8:15pm @ McCarren Track South West side of the park, there after until 9:30pm at the Turkey’s Nest (Bedford Ave and N12th St)

We may have a few extra items to sell and once we sort things out, we will send out another e-mail in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks and let us know if you have any questions!

Gear Masters

Gear Shop:

NBR, Its that time of the year again. Fall 2012 gear pre-orders are now underway.  Visit the online store  here.  Some basic information for this order:

  • Pre-orders will be taken until THIS SUNDAY (9-23-2012) AT MIDNIGHT.  This means that at midnight, we will shut down the store, and will not be taking any more pre-orders.  We will not be ordering a bulk of extra gear for regular sale, so be sure to take advantage of the pre-sale prices.
  • Gear will automatically be charged with shipping.  This is to keep us from having a large volume of gear that is waiting to be picked up.  Once gear is ready, we will have 3-4 pick-up dates, and if you cannot make it to those pick-up dates, your gear will be shipped to you.  If you do pick up, you will get refunded shipping costs.

Online store here:

-NYC Marathon 2012 gear will be handled similar to last year.  We will offer 2  drop-off dates for you:

Sept 26th WEDNESDAY from 7:30-8pm at McCarren Track by the recycling bins!  You can’t miss it as you will see plenty of runners waiting to take off for their Wednesday evening road run.  Please look for Taeya.

Sept 27th THURSDAY during track workout at McCarren Track SouthWestish area (The handball court side of the track) where you will see all the runners starting their workout. Please look for Jen Daniels.

Please label them clearly so we know who to return to when they are ready!


Q: I am not running the NYC marathon, but I have some blank shirts and jackets I would like to print the regular NBR logo on, is that possible?
A: YES!  Just make sure you label clearly to avoid confusion!  Please choose the regular NBR logo option for this on the gear web.

Q: I would like to have my kids shirt printed, would that be okay?
A: Yes as long as the current logo fits! We are not producing smaller screens.

Q: I can’t make it to the drop off times, can I just meet you somewhere else or drop off the blank shirts myself with the vendor?
A: As much as we would like to accomodate everyones time, we also have regular jobs and other commiments outside of NBR, so we will only be doing two drop offs as mentioned above.  It may sound simple to just drop off blank shirts yourselves with the vendor, but this gets really hectic and confusing so we are not offering this option.

Q: What color ink are you using?
A: If you bring a light colored shirt, then it will be printed on black ink.  If you bring a dark colored shirt, then your shirt will be printed with white ink. Tech shirt and t-shirts are file to print on as long as it’s not sweaters or flea material, it’s all good!

-All gear can be expected to be ready by the mid to end of October.

Please contact with any additional questions.


The Gear Masters

PS:  Want to help us?  Please e-mail us, we would love some help during gear distribution!

NBR Spring 2012 Gear Pre-order is ON!!!!

Hey Runners,

Spring Pre-order has arrived! Please check out our website where you can place your orders:

Pre-orders will continue through SUNDAY, APRIL 22nd at Midnight. This is so that we can get everything ready for the Brooklyn Marathon in May. In addition to singlets, you can buy technical shirts and various options of American Apparel shirts.

Please keep in mind that all orders placed will be considered pre-orders, and will not be available for pick up until May. We will keep you posted on exactly when the gear will be ready, and will have several opportunities for you to pick up your orders. If you have any questions, please e-mail us here.


Humbly your gear team,
Jen and Taeya

Fall 2011 Gear Pre-order is ON!!!!

We know you were waiting and waiting to order your gear! We are taking Fall pre-orders from now until Oct. 9th 3pm EST. Please take this as a hard deadline. After that the gear price will go UP! Take advantage while the prices are lower!

This season we are featuring:

  • Marathon Logo 2011
  • Limited Edition Green American Apparel T-shirt (We have women’s and men’s size this time! They are not unisex)
  • Items on SALE from last season

Please visit our website:


Pre-Order: Prices are as marked on the web. Now until Oct. 9th 3pm EST

How to pick up your gear? We will announce it once we have them so please choose FREE SHIPPING at check out. Can’t come to pick it up? No problem. We can ship it to you, please choose FLAT rate for this option.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. You can reach us at

Thanks and Happy Shopping!

-Gear Masters

NBR Spring Gear pre-order is ON!!!!

Hey Runners,

Pre-order has arrived! Please check out our new gear web where you can place your orders:

-Pre-orders will continue through SUNDAY, APRIL 23rd at Midnight in order to guarantee that all orders are ready for the Brooklyn Half Marathon.

-Use the ‘free shipping’ option if you intend on picking up your gear in person during a designated pick-up time. Otherwise, use the paid shipping option if you want your gear mailed to you.

-The following items are available for this season:
Men’s Racing Singlet (In black only)
– Women’s Racing Singlet (In white only)
– Short Sleeve Technical Tee (Both, men and women in black or white)
– American Apparel T-shirt (Both for men and women)
– Team Gym Bag

-Items that we are not offering at the moment (Stay tuned!):
– Long Sleeve Technical Tee (Both for men and women)
– Hoodies (Both for men and women)
– Merit Patches

-All items are subject to change based on availability by our suppliers.

-Check out for information and FAQ about NBR gear.

Please direct any additional questions to


-The Gear Team

Gear Guidelines

Back to top

Special Orders
Our gear team works very hard to make sure we can fulfill all of your gear needs via the seasonal pre-orders and pop up shops that we organize throughout the year.   Still, we realize that some of you would like to make special singlets for a specific race.  If this is the case, we ask that you please read the below guidelines first and email us if you have any questions.
  • Please do not print any gear using the NBR logo without going through the gear masters first.  
    • Why?  Because NBR gear sales constitute a significant portion of fundraising for the team.  Since ours is a free, open-to-all organization, team members printing their own gear are essentially circumventing one of NBR’s only fundraising efforts.  The funds raised via gear sales are used for our awesome team events and volunteer initiatives that benefit all members and the community.  We’d also like to be able to ensure quality control and consistency with the logo, team colors and the uniforms or gear being printed.
  • If you would like to print a special singlet for a specific race, please supply the gear masters with the following information at least 8 weeks in advance of the date you need your items:
    • Singlet color, cut and style/preferred brand (the gear team will email you with specific options for you to choose from based on what is in stock at our supplier).
    • Your desired design as both an Adobe Illustrator file and in PDF format.  *Make sure you include instructions on exact size of your design so the printer understands how big or small your design needs to be.  Printing your design out to scale on an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper works best.*
  • We ask that special orders contain a minimum of 20 singlets in order to help offset the cost of the new screen (sometimes the two new screens for front and back) that the printer will need to create to print your shirts.  Specialized NBR singlets should be reserved for destination races that will have a very strong NBR presence (i.e. 20 or more NBR members are participating). 
  • This option is for singlets only.  We cannot honor requests for special printing on other items of clothing at this time. Back to top

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